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FREE MLS listing

MLS Multiple listing service

Whether you are looking to buy or sell your home, you will no doubt encounter the multiple listing service, or MLS. Home sellers are unable to post their home directly to the MLS since access is limited to brokers and licensed agents only. We provide you with this service, free of charge! We will post your home that you are selling and list it to the MLS and provide your home with its own personal MLS number that future buyers can easily access as they search for houses for sale. Once your home has been sold, we will remove your listing from MLS, leaving you with nothing to worry about!

FREE Virtual Tour

The majority of buyers prefer to virtually view properties they are interested in before they book an appointment to physically go and see the house with their agent. We ensure that we provide you with this service for free as well! We will take a professional video of your home, digitalize it and upload it on the MLS page to make it accessible to home buyers. Our highly experienced team ensures that the virtual tour can accurately represent what your house looks like if for some reason buyers are unable to visit the property.

Real Estate house virtual tour

FREE Schematic floor plans

Schematic floor plans

The profile of a home being listed for sale is not complete without an accurate schematic floor plan. Research shows that properties with floor plans receive significantly more buyer interest than those without plans. Our architects ensure that a high-quality floor plan is included, free of charge, to impress potential homebuyers and renters. We will take exact measurements of your property and will compose a schematic floor plan which will be made available for potential buyers.

FREE HDR Photography

HDR photography is being used more frequently to capture the exteriors and interiors of homes. There are special techniques used to showcase a room’s interior when there is a bright view and light through the window for instance. Our team of expertise knows the exact angles and strategies to use to make your home look as presentable and intriguing as possible using HDR photography.

HDR photography services

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