10 Tips to Boost Your House Value

10 Tips to Boost Your House Value

1. External Wall Repair and Painting

The exterior of the home creates the first impression for potential buyers. Properties that appear dilapidated, old, or ugly will send potential buyers the other way. Simply putting a fresh coat of paint will make the home look fresh and modern. Try to stay away from obnoxious colors, such as lime green, that would cause the home to stand out for the wrong reasons. Consulting with the real estate agent about the paint color is a good idea before you begin to paint. If you want to test out the color, try an online virtual painting program.

Along with the painting, it is important to examine the exterior of the home for signs of damage. Replace weatherboard panels, fill up the space between bricks with fresh mortar, and use fresh concrete to fix up some old walls. These subtle improvements will make a home look brand new, without requiring any major expenses.

2. Upgrade Doors and Windows


New windows and doors make a home look stylish. Not to mention, a new door or window will be more energy efficient in the home, which leads to more affordable household running costs. The property will become more environmentally conscious, which is a great selling point!

3. Landscaping and Yard Lighting

A well landscaped yard is a cheap way to make a home look attractive. A well maintained property says a great deal about the effort put forth with the home. Get rid of dead plants and spruce up a boring yard. Seeing a beautiful property will let the potential buyers envision themselves on the new property.

4. Look Underfoot

Having a professional carpet cleaning can make the home look cleaner, but if the carpet looks worn it is best to get area rugs. Carefully cover the seriously worn spots – it is not recommended to waste money on wall-to-wall carpeting.

5. Mind the Mechanics


Have an electrician check out the wiring and a plumber check for leaks. Once everything is in perfect shape, buyers can feel the home has been well cared for.

6. Kitchen Upgrades

Since the kitchen is the most important part of the home, ensure the area is functional. Do not go overboard upgrading the kitchen – just fix it up to look clean and appealing.

7. Internal Light Fixtures

If the lighting is old-fashioned and outdated, it is best to upgrade. Lighting is important in selling the home, as the buyer does not want to live in a dark space. Try to make environmentally conscious decisions in order to use this as a selling point.

8. Painting Interior Walls

Give the home some character with pleasing accent colors. Do not use colors that fail to match well with the rest of the home. Accent walls add a pop to your property, rather than leaving it looking lifeless and plain.

9. Home Begins at the Front Door


Make sure the main entry door is in great condition. If the lock is a bit flimsy, replace it for something stronger. Buyers want to know the home is solid and safe.

If stuck with a plain, steel front door, try adding some color for better appeal.

10. Heavy Cleaning and Organizing

Give the home a good wash! This process is inexpensive, but requires time and effort. Focus on cleaning up the areas seen by buyers. Clean behind appliances, and try to rid of any nasty traces left under furniture.

Organize any messes, and avoid clutter, Try to remove personal items, as your personal family photos and such can make it difficult for buyers to envision their own lives in the space.

Take one task at a time and work towards achieving that sales goal!


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