2017 Design Trends for Your Home

2017 Design Trends for Your Home

Have you just moved into your brand new home; are you redecorating to appeal to more buyers; or just looking to surround yourself with something new and fresh?

Either way, there’s nothing more exciting than decorating from a clean slate! And with this year’s lively trends, it’s the perfect time to transform your space.

Here are some of 2017’s top design trends—a surefire way to keep your home environment up-to-date:

Splashes of Greenery

Green has been named the 2017 Pantone Colour of the Year. It represents a fresh start, growth, and prosperity—as the dominant colour in nature, it embodies life riches.

Add a green accent chair or incorporate it in your accessories, like frames, vases, runners, etc. Have fun with it!

Mixed Patters and Motifs

Make a statement! Say good-bye to matching your pieces. This trend was first spotted in the fall of 2016 at New York Fashion week; it was only a matter of time before it trickled down to home décor.

Mismatched patterns and motifs are enticing and liven up any room. Anchor your bedroom with a busy comforter and adorn it with some throw pillows; or purchase those wild curtains that caught your eye, even if they “don’t match” your rug. You’ll find this style will appear more and more in home décor this year.

Faux Finishes and Materials

Faux is the new fashion in 2017 for many reasons: it’s budget-friendly, can be more reliable (depending on the material), and adds that textured feel we all adore.

A popular faux material is quartz—it’s a manufactured stone, but much more durable than granite and marble. Another great example is wood beams; faux wood is much easier to maintain because they don’t rot or chip like real wood. Other examples of fun faux materials that will bring your home life and texture are faux brick walls, manufactured rustic grey floors, and faux wood wall panels.

Artisan Pieces

If you’re an avid shopper for home décor items, you’ll notice tons of shops now carry intricate artisan pieces. Anything handcrafted is back in—glass-blown vases, porcelain, hand-painted ceramic, woodwork, you name it. The more wild and imaginative, the better.

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