3 Reasons to Buy a Loft in Toronto and How to Choose the Perfect One!

3 Reasons to Buy a Loft in Toronto and How to Choose the Perfect One!

If you’re looking to move into the heart of the city and are intrigued by the idea of living in an open, charming, and creative space, then you can’t go wrong with buying a loft in Toronto.

The cost savings and flexible layout make them the perfect option for young professionals and creative types. Here’s more about the three best reasons to buy a loft, and how to find one that brings out the best in you:

What is a loft? And how do I know I’m getting a good one?

Mention a loft and the first thing one thinks of is a tortured Greenwich Village artist in Manhattan fighting writer’s block; but the truth is that lofts are multi-purpose, flexible living areas, usually converted from an industrial space. The open layout, high ceilings, and bare walls give you license to be as creative as you’d like. This space is your canvas. Before buying, consider these factors:

  • Location: Can you really picture yourself living in the heart of the city with the hustle and bustle? If so, you two are a match made in heaven.
  • Design flexibility: Are you the kind of person that likes to change everything to fit their style? Then a loft is a great option.
  • Understand the HOA: A homeowners association will most likely govern the building. Make sure you feel like you can meet their guidelines for renovations and other issues.

Why move into a loft in the GTA?

Nowadays, people are moving back into the city in record numbers, forcing more creative ways to find affordable living space. A loft checks all the boxes you would dream of having for metropolitan living, including chicness!

  • They can be your blank canvas: The bare walls, open layout, and relative lack of pre-designed features and furnishing give you the freedom to do anything you wish with the design. There are few boundaries. Create your own art gallery, combine the kitchen/bedroom, or fashion a cozy layout by angling all your furniture towards the fireplace. The sky’s the limit.
  • Let in brilliant natural light: With no walls to speak of, a loft lets in refreshing natural light that’s unrivalled on the housing market. The high ceilings and large windows can brighten up your home and brighten up your life.
  • Save money on maintenance: the layout of lofts means there’s far less maintenance than in your traditional apartment or condo, and especially less than a single-family home.

Thinking of moving into the city? Then you can’t go wrong with a loft. These are the three best reasons to buy a loft and along with topics to choose one that fits you perfectly. Now all you need is a real estate agency that can find it for you!


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