3 Tips to Sell Your Home on Facebook Fast

3 Tips to Sell Your Home on Facebook Fast

Are you looking to sell your home fast?

Social media, with all of its bright images, crisp videos, and 24/7 conversations, could be your best option.

There’s no better way to get interested buyers to see your property than putting it smack dab in front of their faces on their Facebook feed.

Here are some tips for making your home go viral and getting its full value by driving up demand!

Go Live!: Use Facebook Live to rank higher and get more attention

If you want to get really creative, you can show off your home and flex your online marketing chops in one video.

Facebook has recently changed its algorithm to favour videos more over posts, since that’s what gets people to view, click, and buy. Want to go a step further than your competition? Go live!

Take your friends and followers for a live tour and even answer question in real time in the comments.

When everyone else is standing still, you’ll be putting in extra work and driving interest in your home!

Go Outside the Home

Your lovely living room, that decadent kitchen, the kids-game-room-to-be unfinished basement - they are all excellent selling points. But guess what? People don’t want to just buy the home, they want to buy the experience. We are emotional, visual beings, so people want a holistic experience that makes them imagine not just living in the home, but also living their life in the area.

Take HDR photos (yes, high-quality photos make a difference) of:

  • Local Amenities: The gyms, restaurants, bars, cafes, and other nearby amenities will help tip the scales in your favour
  • Local Schools: Families buying homes want to know that there’s a good school in area. Show them what it looks like! Let them imagine sending their child there
  • The Outside of Your Home: Curb appeal can add big dollars onto your home’s sale price. Show people your lovely front lawn, new roof, or amazing ocean view!
  • The Neighbourhood: Put people’s minds into living in the neighbourhood. Show them their new neighbours, the pet golden retriever across the street, the peaceful streets, and anything else that makes your community great

Join Conversations: Don’t just post links

It can be tempting to post your stunning imagery and fully-optimized listings directly to Facebook and call it day, but if you take things a bit further, you’ll generate a lot of extra buzz. This is where joining a real estate conversation and dropping links in is a big difference maker.

Pro Tip: Facebook’s algorithm also weighs natural conversation over direct links in posts, so if you link to your home’s listing in the comments of a real estate conversation, you’ll not only generate more views from a higher feed ranking, you’ll get interested buyers who are already talking about purchasing property sneaking a peek at your home.

Bonus: Work With a Realtor That Has Real Estate Expertise

There’s no substitute for working with a fully-equipped real estate agency that knows social media inside and out. Using a professional will help you make the most out of your Facebook presence and stay ahead of the rapidly-changing algorithm.

Want to make your home go viral? Use’s real estate expertise!


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