Choosing Location

Choosing Location

Location is an important factor when buying homes for sale. As a trusted MLS realtor, we at Estate Deal will tell you what you should know before picking the right location for your new property. One of the most important things to keep in mind when buying houses for sale is that you shouldn’t purchase the property just because someone can keep an eye on it for you or it is located in your home town. With our MLS listings, we can help you find the right house. Here are some of the most important things to keep in mind when choosing apartments for sale.

Determine your budget

It is important to know your budget as it will determine what area you can invest in. Meet with a lender or mortgage broker and secure a pre-approval from them.

Create a list of your selected areas

Narrow down your options by creating a list of your selected areas and where you can get buy a property within the budget you’ve set. Call the realtors in your selected area and ask them about the properties that suit your budget.

Keep an eye on the infrastructure

Property prices are influenced by infrastructure. Make sure to look where the infrastructure upgrades are being made. A “hot spot” sign will surely come out. The best time to invest in a new infrastructure is usually when the project has been set to proceed and the tender has been finalized.


Renters and buyers usually prefer areas with lifestyle attractions or amenities such as walking tracks and family parks.

Property and Water View

A property with a great view usually attracts more buyers. At least 100.000$ is added to the value of a property at the beachside. Properties that are not on the beachside may cost less. The gap between non-beachside and beachside properties is growing yearly. This makes it hard for investors or new buyers to enter the beachside market.


The more transport options there are, the more valuable the area is. Outer suburbs with easy access to freeways and major roads are attractive to buyers since it will be easier for them to travel to major employment areas.

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