How to Increase the Chances of Selling a Property

How to Increase the Chances of Selling a Property

While 58% of homebuyers are influenced by a love for a home’s location above all other features, there are other things that can be done to reel in a buyer.

Lower the Price

priceIf you are looking to sell quickly, one of the best things to do is lower the price. A high price is daunting to buyers; however, you need to leave room for when buys try to negotiate. Find out the true value of a home, and see what similar prices in the area are. 37% of homebuyers say price is what makes them fall in love with a home.

Tidy Up the House

One of the best things to do to do is begin a garden at the home. 29% of homebuyers are swayed by the garden when purchasing a home. A beautiful garden makes a big impression on buyers before they have even seen the inside of the home. Keep in mind, 80% would think twice about buying a home with a garden that lacked privacy.

For inside, be sure to brighten up the place. Brightly lit homes with clean windows to let in the natural light are key. Maybe even light up the fire place to shed some light and make it feel like home. Fireplaces are important to 2% of homebuyers in their purchasing choice.

The interior is important to 15% of homebuyers, natural light is important to 7% of homebuyers, and 3% of homebuyers are affected by the home being beautifully decorated. Interior design choices are important!

Avoid Turnoffs

unpleasant-real-estate-agentAssuming the house is tidy, there is one less thing to worry about.

According to a recent study, 70% of potential buyers were likely to be deterred by an unpleasant real estate agent. Kindness is vital to selling a home!

75% say they are put off by a poor scent in the home. It is important to keep the place smelling clean and fresh. Explore different scent options, such as oil diffusers. But as well, just cleaning and using pleasant scented cleaners will get the place smelling nice!

DIY, sloppy building work can also be deterring to client. In fact, this is a turnoff for 90% of potential buyers.

Make the kitchen look perfect! 54% of buyers believed that the kitchen was the most important room in the entire place.

Be Clear

Be ready for questions. Potential homebuyers want to know about the property, why the home is being sold, the neighbors, and the area in general. If you do not know much about the local schools, do some research! Look up reports on the Internet to have to information at the ready. Also make sure you have knowledge on the transport links.

Avoid Potential Issue

Be straightforward about any problems with the home. While it may seem uncomfortable to be straight forward, it will prevent issues in the long run.

Be Proactive

be-proactiveDo not sit and wait to hear from your real estate agent. Give them a call, check up frequently, and do not stop marketing your property until a survey has been performed.

Once the survey has been completed, there is a financial interest in seeing the purchase proceed. Be proactive with solicitors, return information requested as quickly as possible, and check in daily over the phone or through email.


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