How to Keep Your Empty Home Safe

How to Keep Your Empty Home Safe

There are many reasons why home owners vacate their homes when they sell it, but it leaves one big problem behind: the fact that the house is empty. This is an attractive prospect for a different variety of threats such as looters, pests, and even squatters. There are several ways in which you can protect your home against potential danger and the solutions are quite easy to implement. The best thing about them is that you won’t have to spend too much money in order to secure your asset. Here are a few comprehensive solutions.

Read your insurance policy


Insurance companies might not seem to understand a lot, but they do understand that your home might be unoccupied after you have decided to sell. Make sure to read your insurance policy to see whether or not your home still falls under the appropriate cover if it is left uninhabited. You can also contact them to ask about what you can do to secure your home once you leave and for how long it will remain covered by the insurance. Be sure to check if you have a Vandalism and Mischief Coverage Policy along with your insurance.

Turn exterior lighting on at night

One of the most affordable ways for you to secure your home is to invest in motion sensor or light sensitive lighting options. These systems have the ability to turn on as soon as it gets darker, giving the illusion that someone is at home at all times. Make sure that you install these lights in naturally dark areas around your home so that potential intruders do not have a hiding place when they decide to pay your house a visit. These lights often come with motion sensor cameras that capture any movement automatically.

Contact someone to check your home on a regular basis

contact-someone-to-check-your-home-on-a-regular-basisAnother easy way for you to have eyes and ears close to the walls of your home. If there is a family member or a friend that lives nearby, you can ask them if they could check up on your house. They could simple drive down the street to check your house or do a thorough check-up in the mornings or evenings. If a neighbour could do this it would be even more convenient. There are companies that offer these types of services for a small fee, too.

Protect your property from Mother Nature

Even though criminals are unpredictable, they can still be anticipated. However, Mother Nature is a temperamental lady, and her wrath might just catch you off guard. Weather elements might pose a serious threat to your home and it is vital that you secure it. Install a programmable thermostat that will heat the pipes and the house in the winter, and keep it cool during the summer. These thermostats are affordable and some of them even come with a WiFi option so that you can programme it from wherever you are.

Inform law enforcement

inform-law-enforcementThis is something that many people forget about when they move out of their house. Informing your law enforcement about your home standing empty can only be beneficial to you. You can give them a list of names and numbers of the people who are authorized to be on your property and if there is any suspicious behaviour, they will let you know immediately. This will, of course, not mean that your house is safe from threats, but it does mean that you will know about any type of activity that poses danger to your home.

Keep your home security system active

The first thing you think of when you are moving homes or when you move out of yours is that you should cancel the home security service. This can be a vital mistake to make. Keep your home security system active so that it can still do its job when you are not there. It will cost you a minimal fee, but is there really a price to pay when it comes to your most valuable asset? Empty homes are a prime target for criminals and with a home security system that is still active, you will definitely avoid a financial nightmare.

Prepare your home

Before you decide to leave the home for good, you can reinforce it to make sure that nobody gets in. Replace the doors that lead to the outside so that its strength is difficult to pass. Make sure that all the windows are fixed if they have been broken and ensure that they are closed before you leave. If you have blinds, turn them up to let the natural light shine through, creating the image that there are people at home. You can also contact your home security company and let them know that you will be leaving soon.

It might seem tedious for you to implement these tips before you leave the house empty, but rather spend a bit of time preparing before you sit with a crisis on hands.


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