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As a broker, one of the most important aspects of increasing your client pool is the ability to conduct business efficiently. However, this can be difficult to achieve when so much time is spent travelling to find and meet with potential customers. Estate Deal is a revolutionary service that brings clients to you, giving you an added feature to increase your client pool. Individuals who have an interest in selling their properties post them on our site, and you get a notification that a new listing has been posted. You can review the listing and place anonymous offers to these clients from the comfort of your location. All you have to do is register for an account. If you are in high standing after being screened, you will be approved and will have access to all postings within the GTA. Keep in mind that there are limited spots available for qualified brokers. So act now, and experience what it feels like to “Think Brilliant!”.

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  • How much does it cost to use Estate Deal services?

    Monthly Membership: Access to Estate Deal bidding system
    $149/ Month + $499/Each winning bid

    Annual Membership: Access to Estate Deal bidding system
    $1,499/ Year + 2 free months (Limited time offer) + $499 / Each winning bid

    Go unlimited, win as many bids as you want its all included
    $3,475/ Year + 2 free months (Limited time offer)/ Free winning bids

  • Can any agent join EstateDeal?
    No. EstateDeal carefully selects prominent agents from established brokerages. We maintain the highest standard by limiting the number of spots available per city, ensuring fair competition between agents.
  • How do you verify a homeowner and property?
    When a property is submitted to Estate Deal, our team will manually contact the owner through a verification process that confirms the validity and details of their property.
  • Why can’t I bid on a property that is out of my area?
    It is vital that agents who are bidding on properties are familiar with the neighbourhoods where these properties are posted. In this way, owners and home seekers are able to get the best possible returns on their real estate transactions. For this reason, Estate Deal restricts the areas that agents have access to.
  • Why is EstateDeal worthy of any of my marketing dollars?
    EstateDeal is a unique source of direct, exclusive access to certified leads on potential clients, a trait that no other marketing tool offers.
  • How long is each bid?
    Auctions are open for 24 hours, and agents have the ability to subscribe to emailed alerts of auction details.

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