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Condo living in Mississauga is not just a necessary step in home ownership. Many people—single professionals, couples and families—are trading their dreams of traditional homeownership for a more modern, compact way of life. With soaring house prices in Toronto and its outskirts, it’s no wonder people are looking to condo living as a viable option. And these days, condo developers are building family-friendly units to accommodate this growing trend. If you’re looking for your first home, find perfect Mississauga condos with our unique listing service.

What Makes Our Listing Service Unique?

Estate Deal is a real estate service like no other. Everyone who lists their property on our system will receive access to real estate agents in the Greater Toronto Area who will offer home sellers the best price for the sale of their house at their lowest commission. Once a real estate agent has been chosen based on their rates, Estate Deal releases each party’s contact information to allow further business to continue. There is no obligation to continue with the real estate agent and home sellers can cancel this service any time. It’s quickly becoming the ideal solution for home sellers and buyers in the GTA who are looking for their next home.

Why Buy a Condo in Mississauga?

Toronto real estate prices are enough to make anyone think that homeownership is impossible. The prices for condos, townhomes and detached houses is climbing at an exponential rate, while square footage seems to be shrinking just as fast. There is no doubt that your hard-earned money won’t get you very far in the downtown Toronto housing market.

If you want more space for your dollar in the sixth largest and fasting-growing city in the country, Mississauga has some of the most beautiful, modern and spacious condos you can find anywhere in the GTA. Whether you want to settle down by the quaint lakeshore of Port Credit or find upscale luxury living in Mississauga’s expanding City Centre, there are plenty of options to choose from. With easy access to public transportation, including the GO Train that takes you directly downtown Toronto in just over 20 minutes, every neighbourhood in Mississauga has something to offer new homeowners.


Why Are Condos So Attractive?

When you hear the word condo, you don’t automatically think “family home.” But with the unaffordability of Toronto’s housing marketing, condo developers are responding to families’ increasing need for housing solutions they can comfortably pay. Many people don’t want to move out of the GTA just to be able to buy a house. Raising children in the city is not only a viable option, it’s increasingly becoming the preferred option. Here are some ways that condo developers are making family living more attractive:

  • 2+ bedroom units
  • Stroller friendly hallways and elevators
  • Child-friendly amenities, such as parkettes, playrooms, green spaces and swimming pools

Are you Ready to Sell Your Home?

Join the many home buyers and sellers who have used our unique service in the GTA to find perfect real estate solutions. Contact Estate Deal or fill out an application to get started. Take a tour of our unique listing service to discover the Mississauga condos you’ve been searching for.

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