Protecting your privacy when selling a house

Protecting your privacy when selling a house

When you decide to sell your home, you are inviting potential home owners to have a stroll through the building that housed your privacy for so many years. This might be a scary thought. Think of all the people that might waltz through your bathroom, open up your kitchen cupboards, and even take a casual stroll through your walk-in closet. Naturally, we would expect these buyers to respect our privacies, but this is not always the case. Potential home owners might be interested in your house, but they still remain strangers to you and you never know what might happen.

There are those people who might not respect your privacy in the same way you would respect theirs if the roles were reversed. You might want to consider having a realtor present to help you with the screening process so that little damage occurs in your home.
However, a realtor cannot be responsible for the way you live and they only have one pair of eyes. It is up to you to prepare the house properly so that there aren’t any sensitive documents or information sitting around, waiting to be taken and used against you later during negotiations. It might sound like a James Bond movie, but due to the inflation rates in the house market, these things might happen. Here are a few tips you can use to protect your privacy when selling a house.

Depersonalise the home

depersonalise-the-homeThe first thing you should do is remove yourself and any traces of your family from the home. Remove photos, drawings, magazines, and documents that might reveal information about your life. Let the buyer see themselves in the house without having to compete with your life. The offer that is made on your home should be because of the state it is in and the merit it has achieved, nothing more.

Remove personal documents

After you have removed menial lifestyle clues such as magazines and photographs, you should fine comb the house for any type of personal documents. You might have fallen into the habit of leaving your utility bill on the kitchen counter and forget about it after paying it. Buyers often look in drawers and on counters to see if they would be able to store their own things in or on there. A good idea would be to keep a file with every single document that is lying around in your house and remove it from the property completely. If you are unsure which documents are classified as confidential contact your realtor and they will be able to help you. Remember that they are also interested in a good estate deal and will do anything to keep the value of the house high.

Go through the bedroom

go-through-the-bedroomAs already stated, the bedroom is the most sensitive and personal place of the house. This is where you share the most intimate moments of your life from getting dressed to sleeping. You may think that the bedroom is merely a bed and a closet, but buyers will be able to deduce the way you live by looking at it. The photos of your kids on the nightstand may let them think you are anxious to move in with them, or the fact that there are only female clothes in the cupboard might suggest a fast sale because you are getting divorced. They may offer you a lower figure if they make these deductions from the clues you are leaving them. By removing these personal clues from your life, you are forcing them to focus only on the value and the characteristics of the home.

Move mail out of sight

Like we have already said, you might have fallen into the habit of leaving opened bills or mail lying around on tables or in drawers. Make sure that you go through each little corner of your house and remove any type of mail your find there. Clear any type of document between you and the realtor regarding the estate deal and any type of bill that suggests you owe money. You don’t want a potential buyer to step through the door and think that you are in a pile of debt. They might think that this is why you need to sell the house and make a low offer.
If you are selling your house it is recommended that you consider using a realtor to help you with the estate deal. They have been trained to know all about sensitive information and what you should do in order to protect your privacy during an open house showing. They can help you with an extra layer of security if you are uncertain of the preparation process or how to secure your asset for an optimum profit.


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