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We understand how difficult it can be to sell your home and get the highest return for your real estate especially when looking for an agent to help you or attempting to sell your home privately. We at Estate Deal try to help you the best way we can, and can save your money in the process. By listing your home through Estate Deal, you can save up to $50,000!


Save money with Estate Deal

Estate Deal saves your money by allowing you to choose from the lowest commission rates offered by real estate agents. For example, rather than paying 5% of the selling price to your realtor, agents on Estate Deal often offer commission rates as low as 1%, with some agents even offering to sell your home commission free. This means that realtors are willing to charge less for your business, and you benefit by saving your money.

Professional services to market your property

With a real estate agent through Estate Deal, you also benefit from attaining better value for your home. Services such as staging, photographing, and videotaping your home are often offered by these realtors, and the results are evident in the prices the homes often sell for. By listing through Estate Deal and taking advantage of these services, you are able to sell your home for a higher price, thereby making more money.


Get more for less

Finally, agents often offer extra services such as covering lawyer fees which helps to save your money. These realtors utilize their knowledge of the market to give you the best advice so that you can raise the value of your home. Actions such as renovating or reorganizing your home, as well as listing under market value create more interest in the market and help sell your home faster, and for a higher value.

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