Selling Your Home? Why Good Photographs are Important

Selling Your Home? Why Good Photographs are Important

We’ve all heard the expression, “a picture is worth a thousand words.” Well, in this case, it’s worth the value of your entire property.

Approximately 85% of buyers are searching the Internet for their next dream home. Once they’ve specified their search criteria, what’s the next best aspect of the property that will peak their interest? Photos—and good ones.

Great photos of your property won’t necessarily close the deal, but they will definitely be the factor that influences someone to schedule a visit.

No Photographs?

There are still tons of sellers who insist on omitting photos from their property ad, or merely including one of their exterior. What happens in this instance? People begin to make assumptions about the interior. They think: if the seller won’t provide photos, then it must be…

  • old/in bad shape
  • cramped or poorly-divided
  • badly-furnished
  • unappealing/needs a huge remodel

See? No photos is likely a deal breaker. Why even bother visiting?

Bad Photos

Bad quality photographs can have just as much of a negative impact on an online shopper. It doesn’t matter how wide, airy, sunny, or modern your space is. If it’s blurry, out of focus, or cuts off parts of the room, then most of the time, they will lose patience and move on. Ads are made to grab the attention of potential buyers. Home shoppers browse hundreds of homes in a matter of minutes. As a seller, your job is to make yours stand out in whatever way you can.

The Right Steps

Are you working with a real estate agent? If so, they should have years of experience in staging and visually showcasing your home to attract buyers. Ask for their expertise! They’ll lend you tips on:

  • How to properly stage your space
  • How many photos your ad should include
  • Which rooms or elements of your home to photograph
  • Whether videos could benefit your ad
  • How to set up your exterior (car/no car, landscape, porch furniture, plants, etc.)

Quick Tips

Stage. This is crucial. Remove any clutter and worn-out furniture and liven up the place. Place some potted plants around the house, some vibrant décor, and repaint, if you have to. Some people have a hard time getting past green and orange walls, for instance. Don’t give them a reason to down the beauty of your space!

Professional photos. Ask your realtor or take the liberty of hiring a professional photographer. It’s well-worth the investment. Well-lit, sharply-focused photos will instantly draw in someone who’s been browsing through hundreds of photos.
There are more tips where that came from! Estate Deal’s realtors are the best in the industry. If you want to sell your home for the best value—and fast—contact us today.


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