Selling Your House? – 5 Ways to Reduce Stress

Selling Your House? – 5 Ways to Reduce Stress

Selling your house is one of the most painful and stressful jobs that come around. It doesn’t matter if you’ve been through this before, expect a lot of frustration in the process. If you also have a mortgage, it will be a longer process.

Here are our five tips to reduce stress when selling your house.

1. Don’t Hire/Ask a Relative to List Your Home

Avoid this at all costs, there is too much at stake and you don’t want extra stress during the selling process. You are entering a business arrangement, and you want to keep this impersonal. You are paying a person to sell your home, so you have the right to certain expectations and requirements.

2. Don’t Get Emotionally Involved

We know it’s easy to say, but try to remain objective. This will help you get over issues like:

  • Thinking your house is worth $200,000, but your realtor says it should be $170,000. Get over it
  • The house offers you receive are extremely low. Don’t feel insulted, use this opportunity to negotiate with the buyer.
  • Ignore negative comments about your house design choices (ex, the floor coverings, the paint color etc)

This is a real estate business transaction, treat it as such.

3. Ignore Pessimism

History shows that election years bring instability. Forbes conducted a survey that predicted that the house market hurts during elections years; making it harder for you to sell your house. Selling, buying, or lending your house just got a lot harder, and riskier.
Good news! Loans might get cheaper but, for sellers, it might mean the houses stay longer on the market, and take longer to close.

Houses are still in demand, so stay positive. Who knows what the future holds. Ultimately, it’s about how consumers deal with the uncertainty.

4. List Your House Then Go On Vacation

This might sound counter-intuitive, but think again. Your family will be thrilled, and so will your realtor.

If you are not living in the house, your realtor can schedule open houses to potential buyers. This way you don’t have to unexpectedly drop everything and get out of the house for an open house early in the morning. Also, as a bonus, the house stays clean. In summary, real estate agents believe they can sell your house easier if you get out of their way.

5. Be Prepared

Any disruption in your routine will cause stress. HealthStatus has claimed that selling a house is one of life’s top five stressful situations. The longer your house is up for sale, the more stressed and fatigued you will be. Considering the average time to sell a house is 80 days, all you can do is accept the situation. Your next two to three months will be stressful.

After you’ve mowed the lawn, cleaned the house, and painted the walls, some strangers will be walking through your house all day and night. This is all part of the selling process so accept it.

These are our five ways to reduce stress when selling your house. If you want even less stress:



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