Staging Your Home

Staging Your Home

When planning or preparing to sell your home, staging is a highly imperative aspect of selling process. Staging your home helps in attracting more potential buyers therefore, you will have a better chance of selling your property more quickly.

Steps to Staging your Home

There are steps that you need to follow when staging your home. These steps are highlighted below:


De-clutter, disengage and depersonalize. These are basic things to do when staging you home. De-clutter so that potential buyers will not be overwhelmed by your unnecessary stuff but rather be impressed by your home. Surfaces and counters should be clear and unnecessary furniture must be kept away. Personal effects must also be packed away such as mementoes, family photos, framed degrees or just anything that links to the current owner.

Neutral Colors

Though you love the fuchsia accent, some home buyers may not. Fresh coat of neutral or bright colors will not just enlarge your house but also make it feel more spacious and airy.

Mirrors and Lights

Well-placed mirrors and warm lighting can make the home feel more inviting, brighter and bigger. Mirrors that are placed over fireplaces or along the hallway walls can make rooms look bigger than they actually are. Overhead lighting like sconces and chandeliers and table lamps will add flair to your home décors and will brighten the rooms.

Draw Close Attention to the Selling Features

As a general rule, the closet doors must be closed however, if there is a walk-in that needs to be noticed, short note to alert the buyers is fine.

Freshen the Linen

It is time that you need to make use of your good spare set on the bed. Make sure your hand towels and towels are clean and in good shape. If you think it is time to replace them, you better think about neutral again.

Outdoors, Garage and Foyer

When staging your home, never store unnecessary stuff in the garage. When a potential buyer comes in, they probably bring a car with him so your garage or your outdoor must provide a space for parking.

There are numerous houses for sale today competing for buyers’ interest and attention so if you want your homes for sale easily get noticed and end up in quick sale, home staging is something that you need to do. There are many good reasons to staging your home.

Staging your home allows you to make more money from homes for sale. Surveys revealed that staged home are paid higher than the asking price so the additional amount means more profit on your part. This will surely make you a happy seller.

You can also sell your home more quickly and in case you want to advertise homes for sale, staging your home can make your property stand out and look great online. With such, you can expect that more buyers will be interested to consider getting your property despite the many houses for sale out there. Staging your home for sale is therefore a brilliant idea to achieve your goals and one of which is successful sale.


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