Terms and Conditions

Acceptance of Terms

Please read these Terms carefully before using the Estate Deal service, website, or mobile application (collectively, “The Service”).


The Terms of Service outlined indicate a legal agreement between You (any individual who creates an account with, or utilizes The Service) and Estate Deal, a private Corporation. If You are using The Service on behalf of an employer, You signify that You possess the authority to agree to the Terms of Service on the employer’s behalf. Estate Deal reserves the right to change or modify the outlined Terms without notice. By using The Service, you hereby agree to the terms of the Agreement. Note that any downloadable material associated with The Service are copyrighted and protected through international copyright treaties. Do not use The Service if You do not agree with the terms outlined.

Description of Service and Copyright

The Service is a property listing site that allows for home and other property owners (collectively, The Owner) to receive offers from real estate agents (The Agent) who show interest in selling properties. Estate Deal is not a party to any transaction that occurs between The Owner and The Agent originating through The Service. Commission offers are made by The Agent, not by Estate Deal. The price and other terms of sale are subject to negotiation and agreement by The Owner and The Agent.

This website and it’s works are copyright-protected and owned by Estate Deal. Utilization of The Service will incorporate information, data, text, photographs, written posts, software, graphics, scripts and interactive features which are provided or made accessible through The Service (collectively, “Content”). Reproduction, modification, redistribution or storage of any Content for reasons other than those relevant to The Services is prohibited without the expressed written consent of Estate Deal.

The addition of any new features to The Service are hereby subject to this Agreement, unless explicitly stated otherwise. You also agree to allow certain communications from Estate Deal, such as announcements, promotions, etc. and that these communications are part of The Service unless you willingly opt out of receiving them. You agree not to access The Service through interfaces other than the ones provided by Estate Deal. You also understand and agree that Estate Deal may modify any features of The Service without prior notice.


To utilize the Service as an Agent, one must have a valid account (the “Account”). Acquiring an Account entails providing Estate Deal with ___________________. The Agent is responsible for maintaining confidentiality of Account information, and is also responsible for any activities that occur while signed into the Account. Any activity that occurs which is unauthorized by the Agent, or any breach of security should warrant immediate notification of Estate Deal. Estate Deal will not be liable for any damage or loss that occurs as a result of an Agent’s failure to comply with the aforementioned statement. The Agent must also agree to provide accurate, complete and current personal information. If Estate Deal deems that any information provided does not comply with these standards, Estate Deals holds the right to suspend or terminate the account, and refuse any future use of Service.

Billing and payment terms

Creation of an Account as an Agent is subject to a fee (the “Subscription Fee”) which is to be paid to Estate Deal through credit card or PayPal. The Account will be charged on the first day of each month, and payment will automatically be withdrawn from the aforementioned sources. All monetary payments are to be made in Canadian dollars.

Any billing data provided must be complete, accurate, and current, and any changes to be made in order to satisfy these conditions are to be made by the Agent. Any breach of security with regards to billing information associated with the Account are to be reported to Estate Deal.


If the Agent’s Subscription Fee is delayed and unpaid, Estate Deal holds the right to suspend the Account until payments are made, and to cancel the Account if they are not made within a 30 day period. If the Account is suspended or cancelled, the Agent will not have access to any content within the Account. Estate Deal also holds the right to terminate, suspend, or limit the Account without notice, for any reason, including any breach of these Terms.

Cancellation of the Account can be made by the Agent at any time, noting that Estate Deal will hold the right to charge the account for the month of cancellation as well. Refunds will only be given if the account is double charged for any unjustified reason. If the Agent chooses to terminate their Account, Estate Deal will make all reasonable efforts to ensure that all user information and other associated Content is deleted.

No Agency

No partnership, employee relationship, franchisee relationship, or other agency between You and Estate Deal is created by these Terms.

Links to Website

You may create links to the Estate Deal website. However, Estate Deal reserves the right to refuse a link at any time. You must comply with the requests of Estate Deal to remove any link that You have posted.

No Resale of the service

You, hereby, agree not to resell, reproduce, duplicate or exploit any parts of the Service without the expressed written consent of Estate Deal.

Your representations

You agree that all information provided to the Service, including personal, financial, or otherwise pertinent to estate listings is current, and correct. You also recognize that you have all right, and authority to enter into these Terms of Service, which entails your performance of all acts required under the conditions of the Terms.

Choice of law and forum

The aforementioned Terms are to be governed by the laws of Ontario, Canada. The courts within Ottawa, Ontario will have jurisdiction to judge over any disputes relating to these Terms.


This Agreement is legally binding and supersedes any other form of agreement made by Estate Deal and You. The Agreement outlines all terms and understandings between the parties involved in the English language, and this English version shall be controlling in all respects in the event that a non-English version is requested for accommodation purposes. Estate Deal may change the terms in this Agreement at any time, and will post a modified agreement on its website.

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