The 3 Best Locations for Buying a Loft in Toronto

The 3 Best Locations for Buying a Loft in Toronto

As one of the world’s most vibrant and diverse cities, Toronto is a vast collection of different neighbourhoods, each one with its own unique vibe, personality, and draws. If you can imagine yourself waking up in your spacious loft, heading down the elevator, and out onto the city streets surrounded by anything from high-society shopping to trendy art cafes and bars, then these are the three best location for buying a loft in Toronto:

West Queen West

Voted as one of the coolest neighbourhoods in the world by Vogue Magazine, West Queen West is the home of any and all things cool. If you’re a young urban professional looking to get the most out of the city and feel a real zest for life, you’ve found the place to do it. Live music and delicious eating are set against the backdrop of historic buildings, many of which have been converted into trendy living spaces. Hidden art galleries, street musicians, and graffiti-laden alleyways make this spot one of the best places to buy a loft in the world (and take some great social media photos!).

St. Lawrence Market

This 200-year old market was dubbed by National Geographic the best in the world. We can’t really disagree with that, either. The assault on your senses begins as soon as you get within nose distance. Buying a loft in the area might be pricier than other, trendier spots, but when you purchase any home in the St. Lawrence Market Area, you’ll always be steps away from Toronto’s history, tourist sites, and business district. You could walk from the Distillery District, to the food market, on to the Gooderham Building, and then the Hockey Hall of Fame all in one afternoon!


Is fashion more your thing? What about cafe-lined avenues full of students and artists? How about a short walk to the Centre of Dundas Square, and Toronto itself? Yorkville offers something for everyone. This chic neighbourhood is home to the fashion capital of Canada, Bloor Street; one of the Toronto’s best universities and a grouping of some of the best parks and museums you could ask for. It’s also situated right next to the Annex, the trendiest, most happening place for people in Ontario these days. There are also plenty of old buildings with converted loft living spaces offering breathtaking views of Toronto.

These three locations are perfect for anyone looking for a trendy, fun, and exciting place to live right in the heart of Canada’s most international city. If you’re ready to plant roots in the city, we can make it happen.


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