Beautiful Toronto Lofts

Loft living is the ultimate fantasy for anyone living in the city. No other style of home can quite pull off the charm and romance of the loft, with its industrial finishes, exposed brick and pipes, tall ceilings and wide open spaces. Since the birth of the city centre, loft apartments been the sanctuary for many creative types all over the world. But their aesthetic appeal reaches beyond the needs of painters, photographers and dancers. These days, lofts are home to several boutique agencies all over Toronto, as well as individuals who simply like the look and feel of loft condominiums. Whether you’re an artist who requires ample amounts of sunlight and space to meet your creative needs, or someone who enjoys the simplicity and beauty of floor-to-ceiling windows and minimalist style, our comprehensive listing of beautiful Toronto lofts has something for everyone.

Loft Living Has Deep Roots

The word loft signifies a commercial and/or residential space where people live and worke. The traditional loft home is in a converted industrial building (like the Candy Factory Lofts or Toy Factory Lofts in West Queen West and Liberty Village) with mixed purposes. Some lofts have mezzanines, which provide the perfect area for a bedroom away from the main floor. When it comes to city living, lofts are some of the most sought after property types in Toronto. Due to the immense popularity of this real estate style, there are many newly constructed buildings that sell lofts with the added advantage of modern features and amenities.

Loft condominiums offer a unique solution to the increased real estate prices and decreased square footage of the Toronto real estate market. The high ceilings and mezzanine bedrooms give you more room to breathe and move around.


Advantages of Loft-Style Living in Toronto

  • Floor to ceiling windows offer the ultimate brightness and unobstructed views of downtown.
  • High ceilings provide a feeling of infinite space, unlike other unit styles.
  • Sturdy walls and doors give you a better sense of security than traditional condos.
  • Lofts are the ultimate choice for city living, as they represent a romantic and unique style of housing specific to the urban landscape.
  • Buying a new condo means you can appreciate the charm and appeal of an older loft while enjoying newer furnishings, appliances and amenities.

If you want to experience true city living in Toronto, take a look at our comprehensive listing of beautiful lofts. With lofts in every neighbourhood and in a wide variety of sizes and price points, we’re sure your future home is just waiting for you here.

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